It’s Not Bout Gun Control

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Published on: January 12, 2013

It’s Not Bout Gun Control

Henry Barnes

Why is it that the first thing all dictators do is take away the citizens right to own a weapon? The answer is simple. To hit at a soft target. The very same reason that criminals strike at those they know to be unarmed. They don’t want to risk being killed in the process of taking your wallet. The government, who has what the thief doesn’t have, unlimited legal powers to steal your money, also doesn’t want to risk harm at the hands of an armed citizen.

But disarming the citizen is nothing new. In ancient Rome the farmers along the western frontier of the empire were being overran by Goths. They were stealing their cattle, raping their women and forcing able bodied people into slavery. The farmers petitioned Rome for help. Emperor Justinian I banned all weapons, except small blade skinning knives. He sent the Roman legion to arrest the farmers who failed to abide by the edict of ‘weapons ban.’ He reasoned that he needed the Visigoths to battle the Goths more than he needed the farmers.

The same exists in Rainbowland (now America). The Second Hussein (Obama) regime needs illegal aliens to prop up the Ponzi scheme that is ran by the Brothel of 50 Cent Whores known as congress. Second Hussein needs the illegals more than he needs those who live legally along the southern border. It is okay to murder the farmers and ranchers who live along this border. They are sacrificed to the higher government good of allowing illegals into the country to swell the ranks of dwindling (D)emon (Democrat) voters. And to make it easier for the slaughter of these farmers and ranchers, Second Hussein is doing what Justinian I did, taking away their right to defend themselves.

You see, boys and girls, gun control is really about people control. If you don’t have any protection and the government knows it then you become a soft target. One that is easily controlled and manipulated in accordance with government rules and regulations. Criminals also know this.

After the Newtown tragedy, government hench-people jumped on the chance to do massive people control disguised as gun control. Much easier to keep the honest citizen corralled in his home than to take the thugs off the street. Easier to control a mass of quivering, fearful sheeple than to do the right thing.

Solzhenitsyn tells us that in the Russian prisons the real thugs, murderers, rapist, were allowed to do anything to the political prisoners. They were allowed to rape, rob, even murder the meak political prisoners. This made it easier on the prison guards.

Government control of you the honest, law abiding citizen, is made easier if you don’t own a gun. While you cower behind the barred windows of your own home listening to the gunshots of thugs outside, the government knows it has you where it wants you.


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