It’s Not About Gun Control, Stupid

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Published on: January 31, 2013

It’s Not About Gun Control, Stupid
Henry Barnes

All down through human history the first thing that any tyrannical government does is take away any weapon that can be used to defend oneself.

When Groc came out of his cave with a large tree branch and the Neanderthal tribal rulers understood that he could use this as a weapon, they took it away from him.

The ancient Romans banned weapons. Hitler banned weapons; Stalin, Mao, all tyrants banned weapons.


Not for gun (weapon) control,stupid, but for people control. A gun is an inanimate object that, like a hammer, can do nothing without someone to operate it, except lay there.

Government knows that if the people are disarmed they will pose no threat when they come to take away their freedoms. It is easier to control the honest citizen than it is to control the thugs.

In Stalin’s Gulag, the real criminals, rapists, murderers, thieves, were given control over the meek political prisoners. They were even allowed to rape and murder these politicals. This made it easier on the prison guards thus making it easier on the prison system.

Eighty per cent of the murders in Rainbowland (USA) are done by black thugs. But it is easier to ban guns, to force people to be imprisoned in their own houses, than it is to control black thugs.

If the populace is cowering in their homes, their cars for fear of thugs who are allowed to roam free, then the government, like the gulag guards, have less to do. The thugs do the work for them. It also lessens work for the blue tax collectors known as the police.

The TSA is a prime example of this. Ten years ago going to the airport was a rushed affair. Your biggest problem was missing your flight. Now, you must get their hours early so as to stand in line to be mauled by the TSA.

In the so-called land of the free we accepted the molestations by the TSA because the government said it was a necessary measure to fight terrorists. Yet, in ten years not one terrorist has ever been caught.

And how do you fight terrorism, anyway? Terror is an emotion. War itself is terror. So how do you eradicate terror? It would be easier to eradicate dandruff.

Yet, if we don’t fall in line; if we don’t allow the TSA to molest us; if we don’t stand by while our family and friends are also molested; then we will be arrested, go to jail, be forced to pay a heavy fine.

We accept.

Once we accept, we’re as doomed as every other nation that has accepted the tyranny of government.

Hitler didn’t begin killing the Jews immediately after being voted in as Chancellor, 1933, then Fuhrer in 1937. He took a few years to let the propaganda sink in. Took a few years to let the German people get used to the idea of ’rounding up’ ‘publicly beating’ ‘publicly condemning’ ‘confiscating property of’ ‘banning’ the Jews. Then when it became a norm he began his ‘final solution’ of the Jews. And no one questioned the rolling of the cattle cars or the human smoke coming from the concentration camps’ crematoria. No one protested. Why? It was now the norm.

The Jews, or anyone else, were incapable of fighting back, they had no guns.

Remember: government is not coming after your guns, it is coming for you.


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