How To Catch A Monkey

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Published on: January 31, 2013

How To Catch A Monkey
Henry Barnes

In Indonesia they have a special way of catching a monkey that is not unlike how propagandists capture the minds of idiots in Rainbowland (USA).

They put a banana under a large upturned urn with a hole in the bottom. The monkey smells the banana. It puts its hand through the hole and grabs the banana. But the hole isn’t large enough for the monkey to get its hand out with the banana. Hunters, waiting nearby, come out of hiding. The monkey sees them approaching. It knows that it is going to be captured and killed. It can flee by dropping the banana. Instead, it sacrifices its life for the treat, dying with the banana clutched tightly in its fist.

Rainbowlandians are the same as the monkey. While their world is being destroyed by corrupt politicians (pardon the oxymoron) they hold onto their TV remote refusing to let go. They know more about games than they know about their own family or what is going on outside their door.

We may fault the Obamazombies (Obama voters) for the collapse of everything once held dear in Rainbowland, but the collapse occurred over a century and a half ago. Then-America was conned into believing that the only way it could be saved was by killing fellow Americans in Lincoln’s War.

Rather than believe that a government of the so-called free would ever engage in such a war, enough of the idiots accepted as fact from their government representatives that Americans had to die at the hands of other Americans. Not to free the slaves, a propaganda used after the war to make the war seem just, but to collect tariffs from an already over burdened Southern economy.

Hidden from them, like the hunters hid from the monkey, was the truth that the victory, the treat under the urn, was worth death. Wrapped in words like honor, duty, moral good, save the country, a million of then-Americans were killed by fellow Americans. And we have been falsely led to believe that this was just, that it held the nation together, that it freed the slaves.

But the banana under the urn works for capturing monkeys as well as it does for capturing human idiots who believe everything they are told. If it’s on TV then it must be true.

As their world collapses, as the corrupt politicians gather round to destroy what’s left of them their only thought is: who is going to win the Super Bowl?


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