The Great Tea Bag Gag

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Published on: October 2, 2012

The Tea Bag Gag: Where Were They?


Henry Barnes

A great nation must be crippled, over time, by a series of blows before one man can destroy it.
― Book of Common Misery

On May 10, 1773, Parliament passed the Tea Act to save the East India Tea Company from bankruptcy by allowing them to undersell other imported tea. On the night of December 16, sixty men disguised as Mohawk Indians boarded three tea ships and dumped 342 chests of tea overboard. This became known as The Boston Tea Party. It helped organize colonists and was a major event that led to the American Revolutionary War.
On April 15th, 2009, 235 years after the first Boston Tea Party, “…hundreds of thousands of citizens gathered in more than 800 cities to voice their opposition to out of control spending at all levels of government. Organized in all 50 states by Americans from all walks of life, these “tea parties” were a true grassroots protest of irresponsible fiscal policies and intrusive government. was the home of these protests, and will continue to be an online gathering place for a new generation of grassroots activists who are committed to effecting positive change in their communities.” (quoted from
This time rebels were organized against the tyranny of their own government. A government now led by a Communist, Muslim, anti-Christian, anti-American, racist. A government bent on destroying: capitalism, American culture, American borders, English as the dominant language in America, healthcare, families, Christianity, freedoms, and so on. A government so tyrannical that it makes evil King George III a good guy by comparison.
But will the Tax Day Tea Party work? Is it nothing more than a bunch of malcontents getting together in the park to hear speeches, drink tea, have a picnic and blow off a little steam?
Where were they seventy-five years ago when FDR was turning America into a Welfare State to keep himself and his political party in power? Where were they when abortion was made the law of the land? Where were they when the cream of American youth was targeted for Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq (twice)? Where were they when government taxes were increased by increments over decades until it became impossible to pay taxes and earn a decent living at the same time? Where were they when women had to leave their home, abandoning their children to day care centers, in order to support the tax burden so that others, who produced nothing, could layabout? Where were they when homosexuality was being taught in schools? Where were they when kindergarten kids were taught about condoms but not how to read? Where were they when Christian beliefs were being outlawed from schools and public places? Where were they when tens-of-millions of illegal aliens were allowed to destroy not only our borders but the very soul of our nation? Where were they when government grew to unmanageable proportions because the same crooks were allowed permanent residence at the seat of power?
Now that America is gone, they show up. Now that the corruption is no longer coming in gradual increments but is being blasted in their faces, they show up. Now that Second Hussein, a devout Communist, is in power and running the government like a dictator, they show up. Now that the government is going into hock unto the fourth generation, they show up.
So, what will they do? Nothing. Who will they vote out of office? No one. Who will they put into office that can change one thing? No one. Will they keep the government from spending one cent of the producers’ hard earned money? No. Will they change the laws, improve education, lower taxes, bring back English as the dominant language, shut down the Welfare State, stop the Warfare State, do a damn thing? No. And if they get too noisy, Second Hussein, who will not even use the border patrol to stop one illegal alien from coming in, will send the army to shut them down.
Only a Second Revolution will turn this nation around. And T. Jefferson gave us permission: “That whenever any form of government shall become destructive of these ends [live, liberty and the pursuit of happiness], it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it.” Alteration hasn’t worked; time to abolish.
Otherwise, it’s like trying to stop a tsunami wave with a…tea bag.


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