Hey! Buddy Can You Spare A Trillion?

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Published on: September 22, 2012

“Hey Buddy, Can You Spare Trillion$?”


Henry Barnes

There are no bolder thieves than political thieves. Not only do they rob you but they convince you that it’s for your own good. ― Book of Common Misery

How can a person to whom $20 is meaningful comprehend a trillion dollars?
It takes eight seconds to write out the numerical version of one trillion dollars:
$1,000,000,000,000. A trillion dollars in one dollar bills placed end to end would reach to the sun with a few dollars left over. A person working 40 years, 40 hours a week without taking a vacation would have to earn $200,000 a minute in order to earn a trillion dollars by retirement at age 65. To house a trillion dollars you would need a 64 storey building 250 feet square. There are roughly 300 million peoples in America. A trillion dollars would give every man, woman and child a stimulus check of $3,000.
That is just a lowly trillion. We are talking about a rising national debt of 22 trillion dollars without an end in sight.
Under the Application Guidelines for TARP (Troubled Asset Recovery Program) Capital Purchase Program: “The maximum amount of capital eligible for purchase by the Treasury under the CPP is the lesser of (i) an amount equal to 3 percent of the Total Risk-Weighted Assets of the applicant or (ii) $25 billion.” And “Any applicant desiring confidential treatment of specific portions of the application must submit a request in writing with the application.” The line forms at the front desk and anyone who doesn’t want the public to know the terms of their free bailout money can say so in writing and it will be kept top secret. No strings attached. No oversight committee. No regulations.
But who is being bailed out? We are told it’s the economy, stupid. No one with an IQ above a melting ice cube believes this. Fat cats are being bailed by the fat cat Congressional Mafia. It works by an age old formula. Fat cats buy, through campaign contributions, members of the Congressional Mafia. They send in legions of lobbyists (there are over 40,000 registered lobbyists). These legions descend like locusts on the Congressional Mafia. They make sure that the fat cats get what they paid for. Then the Congressional Mafia extorts money from the producers.
What caused this mess? Traitorcrats (Dems) buying votes of illegal aliens, layabouts, and minorities by forcing banks to give them subprime loans they could never afford. These bogus loans came due and now the producers are expected to pay for them.
Responsible producers who pay their mortgages, pay their credit card bills, pay their taxes, struggling to survive, are now being forced to pay the debts of irresponsible non-producers who pay no taxes and thought they could get housing, cars, etc. for free.
Everyone will get help but the producers. They are expected to tighten their belts ― the nightly TV Propaganda tells them how. They are expected to freeze in the winter. Burn in the summer. They are expected to starve.
The producers are not even invited to the lavish parties being thrown by the bailoutees to celebrate with their Congressional Mafia cronies what suckers the producers are. The producers are not even sent a thank you note.
As usual, the producers are screwed.


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