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From the Book of Common Misery


Henry Barnes

Truth has no ideology or party affiliation.

Elie “the weasel” Wiesel, a man who used the Holocaust for his own financial gain is often held up as an intelligential, a paragon of virtue. His most famous quote is: “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.” Anyone with an IQ above a melting ice cube should realize the vacuity of this attempted profundity. Hate is the opposite of Love; indifference is the opposite of freedom.

Many blame Machiavelli, Locke, Hume and Marx as men whose influence destroyed nations. None of these men ever started a physical revolution. They never killed anyone or held the power to start wars. Karl Marx didn’t believe in Marxism and stated that any of his students who did were ‘useful idiots.’ What brought down nations, ancient and modern, were evil or misguided men who were allowed to flourish within the lack of will that destroys all nations: apathy. (Or as Goya put it: The sleep of reason breeds monsters.) To blame these men is like blaming Sun Tzu for war because he wrote a book titled, The Art of War.

Man is the only animal that seeks superiority. All other animals fear that which is superior.

What often passes for an intellectual mentor is merely a poser who lacks the intellect or wisdom to creatively teach anyone anything except intellectual deceit. He is but a Pied Piper leading naïve people over a cliff.

Most are ignorant of real history; their information coming from TV/radio propaganda; from talking heads, Left and Right, who spout what is not true but what they have been told.

A man who is afraid to doubt what the masses falsely believe is a hollow man.

Hitler believed that if you tell a big lie often enough it will become accepted as the truth. Abraham Lincoln, and “the cult of Lincoln,” is proof that this propaganda works. Abraham Lincoln was not a savior of America, an emancipator of slaves or a great man. He was a mass murderer who led to the slaughter, rape and starvation of almost a million of his own people. A man who destroyed a Jeffersonian America that believed in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. A man who, in an effort to cleanse his part of America, deported blacks, freed and slave; as a result over 10,000 blacks died of disease and starvation. When he invaded the Confederate States of America, a legal and constitutional nation within the Union, he thought his war would last only three weeks.
The greatest irony is that it was the South who, like the Colonists, fought for Liberty and economic freedom. Of course, slavery was wrong but the largest slave holding states were in the North, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and all of the productive plantations in the South were owned by Northerners. The Democratic Party and race pimps like Jesse ‘Hymietown’ Jackson have created a larger and far worse plantation of slaves, black, brown and white, called the Welfare State paid for by the producers.

It took 300 years to destroy Ancient Rome; it has taken 150 years to destroy America. But few can lay down the timeline of that destruction. They believe that it occurred during the Hippy 1960s; right decade, wrong century. It began in 1860 with the election of one of the most corrupt men of that time period, Abraham Lincoln.

Three things destroyed Ancient Rome: warfare, welfare and illegal aliens. Dishonest Abe gave us the Warfare State; the wheelchair tyrant, FDR, gave us the Welfare State; and LBJ gave us, through his Immigration Reform Act of 1965 the influx of millions of illegal aliens, or what the Ancient Romans called barbarians.

There will be no vote in 2010; or if there is it will be so rigged as to be useless.

FDR’s Great Depression helped propel Hitler to power. Hitler and his Nazi Party entered the German parliament on the vote. Fourteen months after gaining entrance, Hitler promoted himself to Fuhrer, claiming that he was the only one who could save Germany. Through the vote, the Nazis destroyed a democratic, Christian, highly cultured nation. Premiere Second Hussein is creating a Greater Depression, one that will make FDR’s Depression seem like a picnic, so that he can become our only hope, our savior.

AIDS is a bogus disease. It was created by the CDC in order to save government jobs.

Oil is not a fossil fuel, has no peak and is manufactured deep within Mom Nature’s abundant womb.

Many were in an uproar over the Empire State Building being lighted in yellow and red in honor of China’s sixtieth anniversary of turning Communist. Big deal! China now owns America and they can do anything they want with their Empire State Building.

Unless a real democratic revolution comes, and comes quickly, America is gone ― get over it.


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Published on: September 22, 2012

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