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Published on: January 16, 2012

Second Hussein:

Part Five:

Empty Suit


Henry Barnes

Voting for a man just because he’s black makes about a much sense as buying a red car thinking the color will improve performance.
—Book of Common Misery

Second Hussein is an empty suit that, because he’s black, no one will tell the truth about. Second Hussein is: pro-Communist, Muslim, belongs to a faux-Christian cult that believes all whites are “blue-eyed devils” who should be exterminated, anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist, bereft of any cogent ideas, racist and believes, as do all Leftist, that Big Government will and can solve all your problems.
Why is Second Hussein on the brink of winning the Traitorcrat nomination for president? White Leftist guilt, being the Main Scare Media’s fav and misplaced black pride.
How did Hitler, also an outsider, manage to destroy Germany, a democratic, Christian, highly cultured nation?
Hitler believed in the same racial purity as does Second Hussein. Instead of replacing all inferiors with Aryans, Second Hussein would replace all inferiors with black Muslims.
Second Hussein’s followers say we cannot tar him with ‘guilt by association.’
A man robs a bank. He kills a teller. The man driving the getaway car is guilty of murder even though he never entered the bank.
Second Hussein joined Kill Whitey’s church, stayed for over twenty years. He accepted the hate speech, the corrupt theology of his chosen spiritual and philosophical leader.
As a member of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), Second Hussein accepts the violence that comes with that organization. ACORN “runs schools where children are trained in class consciousness; a network of “boot camps” for training street activists; and operations that extort contributions from banks and other businesses under threat of racial violence and trumped-up civil rights charges.”
By associating with Bloody Bill Ayers, Second Hussein approves of Ayers domestic terrorism.
By writing that his friend Frank, a Communist, was his mentor we know that he agrees with the tenets of Communism, which is anti everything America stands for.
By being a Muslim for the early years of his life, an Islamic follower, we know that what he says about abandoning that religion for a faux-Christian one is not true. Once a Muslim always a Muslim.
We know he is supported by Hamas.
We know by Second Hussein’s public voting record that he’s the most Leftist member of Congress.
We know by his support of the UN, his co-sponsored world poverty bill of 848 Billion dollars, set to break the backs of producers (taxpayers), that he believes in a New World Order.
Hitler was for: Change, the Leftist mantra that has pushed Second Hussein to the forefront of the Traitorcrat pack. And Hitler gave Germany change. He strengthened a depressed economy. Created jobs. Improved the standard of living. Hitler did this for everyone, except the inferiors: Jews, Slavs, gypsies, homosexuals, mental defectives and so on. For these he created what Muslims call dhimmitude, a place where they were allowed to live until the State worked and starved them to death. There were many such places. They even had names: Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen, Dachau.
If Second Hussein dropped his political speak and used Kill Whitey’s preacher speak to reveal the truth within the empty suit the cattle cars would roll filled with whites and other inferiors who disagrees with his Afrocentric belief. Second Hussein’s direction for the country that he and his Stalinist wife hate is toward Communism.
The above was written over a year ago. No one listened. As the song Starry, Starry Night says, “They’re not listening still.”
In less than six months after assuming office, Second Husein has wrecked the American economy, the once greatest economy in the world; nationalized several major businesses, General Motors, AIG, and many others; he has appointed Czars who are not appointed or approved by anyone but himself, and these Czars dictate what over 300+ Americans will or will not do; he is seeking to destroy the American health care industry, the best health care on the planet; and grant free citizenship to at least 30 million illegal aliens who are already destroying our health care and criminal justice systems.
This is just for starters.
In less than four years, Second Hussein will completely destroy the American culture, economy, family, religion, and bring in the very things that have destroyed all great nations in the past. He is about power: obtaining power and keeping power.
And tea bag gatherings in the park won’t stop him.


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