20 Ways to Really Help Main Street

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Published on: January 5, 2012

20 Ways to Really Help Main Street


Henry Barnes

The only use Big Government has for Main Street is its toil, which pays ever increasing taxes.
― Book of Common Misery

A smart farmer has the sense not to work his only mule to death; Big Government doesn’t have this same common sense. We are at the point in American history where Big Government has squeezed the last drop of blood from the mule (American producers). Now our Congressional Mafia is bailing out Wall Street under the guise of helping Main Street. As we know, its only concern in this Age of Irresponsibility is to aid its rich cronies. To do so, it’s killing the mule unto the third generation; our unborn great-great grandchildren are tax slaves to the State.
Suppose our representatives really cared about Main Street? What if?
1. Remove income taxes on citizens and corporations. Replace it with a 10% fair tax on money spent, excluding gasoline, food, drugs and utilities..
2. Hire a large team of CPAs to ferret out fraud, waste, and corruption with the power to shut down any governmental agency that is no longer needed. Over 70% of governmental costs would disappear.
3. Eliminate estate taxes.
4. Close all foreign military bases, sell them to highest bidder and bring the troops home to secure our borders. This would save at least a trillion dollars annually.
5. Impose term limits, two four year terms for all congresspersons. US senators, as required in the US constitution, will be picked by state legislatures.
6. Close the EPA which is about control not clean air and water.
7. Remove amortization on all housing loans. Instead of paying three times what you borrow for a house, the borrower will pay straight interest, no higher than 9%.
8. Cap all credit card rates, as was once done, at a high of 10% with a low of 1% over prime for those with A-1 credit. Eliminate all credit card fees except a genuinely late payment fee of $5. Stop payday lending where customers are charged 300% and more for short term loans. This is legal loan sharking.
9. Make all illegal drugs legal. This will reduce the crime rate by at least 70% and free up hundreds of billions of dollars wasted in the bogus war on drugs.
10. Close the Federal Reserve which has instigated every economic down turn since 1919.
11. Drill for oil and build new refineries. Gasoline should be 75 cents a gallon.
12. Build nuclear power plants to lower energy costs.
13. Remove all federal taxes on gasoline and utilities.
14. Deport all illegals, including anchor babies. Roll back the immigration quota to 1952.
15. All rulings by the Supreme court will be reviewed and voted on by congress.
16. Eliminate job outsourcing. Re-build our vanished manufacturing base. No more dependency on China.
17. Get out of the UN, a truly anti-American organization and a waste of billions of dollars a year.
18. Tort reform of loser pays. This will eliminate frivolous law suits that kill the earnings of large and small businesses.
20. Get government out of health care and medical costs will go down 80%.
Will the Congressional Mafia give any relief to Main Street?
Only if you believe in Santa Claus.
But he, too, works for Big Government. It’s called: Welfare (corporate and citizen).


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