Over Ran

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Published on: December 12, 2011

Over Ran
Henry Barnes

If free means stealing from another then it’s only free to the recipient. If illegals are getting for free what others must work to pay for then the system is broken.
― Book of Common Misery

“You and I both play golf. Who takes care of the greens and fairways in your golf course… Nobody wants to deport them, [illegal aliens] in the end, because people need them to take these jobs and do the things nobody else is doing.”
— billionaire, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on his WABC radio show

I was beyond shock when the president of these United States, Bush the Younger, said in his 2006 State of the Union Address, “We hear that immigrants are somehow bad for the economy — even though this economy could not function without them.” I couldn’t help but notice he left out the buzz word illegal.
This country, Mr. President and others, was not built by immigrants. This country was conceived by colonists who traveled to the New World as subjects of the British Crown. These colonists fought and won a war of independence. They forged a distinct American culture. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries America allowed peoples from all over the world to immigrate here. These immigrants were to be disease free, have no criminal record, learn English and be expected to assimilate into the American culture. A culture built by Americans, not immigrants.
Can an American president truly believe that without illegal immigrants our economy will collapse? I fear he does. But he has gotten his economies mixed-up. The economy that illegals maintain is the economy of the president’s rich campaign contributors. As Bill Maher remarked on the Bill O’Reilly Factor, “Without illegal aliens the economy of Beverly Hills would collapse.” Mr. President, Beverly Hills is not the American economy.
The President is for a guest worker program, another cover for amnesty. A guest is someone you invite into your home. These illegal aliens are not invited guests. If we are to make them legal by condoning their illegal activities then why not make everything that is illegal legal. By this rule, if we catch a bank robber we should let him go free if he agrees to give back the money and promise not to do it again. Same goes for murderers, rapists and so on. Empty all the prisons.
On NBC Nightly News they have a segment titled Whose America? They show cute illegal aliens doing work, going to school and so on. They do not show the masked protestors who shake their fists and proclaim that we are the invaders and should leave. They don’t show the illegal aliens burning American flags. We don’t get news, we get propaganda.
Let’s get something straight. It’s no longer illegal immigration, it’s illegal migration. Mexicans are now the largest minority in America. Most are not interested in assimilating into the American culture but in using America while keeping their own, separate culture. Money made illegally here and transferred to Mexico is Mexico third largest economic enterprise.
Let’s examine the facts.
First. Illegal aliens are necessary to keep the economy of the president’s rich friends afloat. To provide them with chauffeurs, gardeners, maids, nannies, cheap pickers, cheap low-skilled workers, below wage scale carpenters, plumbers and so on. The employers of this cheap labor pay no overtime, no health care benefits, no social security tax, no employment tax, no workman compensation insurance, and no income tax.
Another myth that the president and others expound is, “illegals do the work that Americans won’t do.” It’s not that Americans won’t do the work; it’s that they cannot live on the wages. No American worker can compete with the unfair wages and lack of benefits that the illegal is willing to earn. After all, the illegal is being paid many times what he would receive in his native country but this is a fraction of what an American worker can live on. What part of illegal doesn’t the president understand?
Over 25% of illegal aliens work in agriculture. Much of this agriculture falls under the heading of: Corporate Welfare. How? Much of the crops produced are crops that have been surplus for decades. These surplus crops are stored by the government to keep the price inflated by keeping it off the market. This storage costs the American taxpayer billions of dollars and allows large agricultural corporations to make billions. This is why you can purchase a loaf of bread made in America cheaper in Russia than you can at your local store.
Also, the water for these crops, especially in water poor states, is supplied by the government at taxpayers’, not the corporation’s, expense. These surplus crops can be better grown where water comes from nature and are raised and harvested by American workers at American wages. Better still, if we stopped the storage, stopped the falsely inflated pricing, food would become cheaper.
Do I blame the illegals?
No. If I were starving in a third world country and could get to America and earn many times what I am earning for doing the same job, I’d do whatever it took to get to America. I blame the employers of these illegals and I blame the government for not cracking down on these employers.
Illegals from Mexico send 20 billion dollars US back to Mexico, which is worth about eight times that in Mexican pesos. This 20 billion is untaxed, unspent and does nothing for our economy. This 20 billion costs the American taxpayer, the producers of this country, around 60 billion in medical care, welfare care, insurance, law suits, and so on.
In simple terms, suppose you were running a business selling cars. You purchase your cars for $60,000 a piece. You sell each car for $20,000. Unless you have deep pockets, like your Uncle Sam, you will go broke in a hurry. This is the type of business that Bush the Younger is supporting and claiming is necessary for our economy. His rich friends, associates, and contributors, get cheap labor by illegals. But, as with other forms of corporate welfare, their cheap labor costs the taxpayers of this country billions of dollars to sustain. But “this economy could not function without them.” Duh!
Second. Illegals are bringing in diseases that antibiotics cannot cure. We now have TB unknown to science and untreatable by usually methods. We have outbreaks of typhoid, diphtheria, yellow fever, even bubonic plague, the Black Death that decimated Europe in the Middle Ages. We have diseases that doctors cannot recognize because in this country they were eradicated so long ago that they are no longer taught in medical schools. How long before one of these illegals brings in a disease like dengue fever, Ebola, or a deadly influenza type like the Spanish Influenza that killed millions in 1918?
Hurricane Katrina was a disaster that uncovered a tragedy. That tragedy was the inadequacy of our government’s response to a major catastrophe. What will be the response when a disease of unknown origin begins spreading like a prairie grass fire through the heavily populated areas of Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco and other places? What will the government do then? Will these illegals, what the president believes to be the pillars of our economy, be so precious to him when Americans begin dying by the score?
Third. Which of these illegals might be carrying a nuclear device intent on blowing up a major city? Russia has roughly 58 unaccounted for suitcase nuclear devices. It is a known fact that any country with the money can purchase weapon grade plutonium, the necessary ingredient for making an atomic bomb, on the Russian black market. With the plutonium, building a bomb is simple, a journeyman electrician can put one together. We have already been attacked twice on our own soil, in 1993 and 2001, both on the Twin Towers. How long before we see, on the morning news, a mushroom cloud rising from a heavily populated area?
Our borders, north and south, are so porous a drunken elephant carrying ten nuclear bombs can stagger in unnoticed. The Mexican military is now escorting drug runners across the Rio Grande. We are clueless as to how many illegal immigrants are in this country or where they come from. And the numbers given out are extremely low. We are told that we have about 11 million illegal aliens living within our borders. The best guess is 20 million and growing daily.
Can this problem be solved? Yes. The only way is to federalize the National Guards of all states and use the US military. Then, a coordinated effort with all local police, from the smallest hamlet to the largest city, will weed out these illegal aliens and send them home. We crack down with heavy fines and even business closure of those who hire illegal aliens. We retrograde back to 1970 the stupid law that says any illegal alien born in this country automatically becomes an American. We cut off welfare to illegal aliens. We build a double fence along the entire southern border. We stop the wire transfer of money by illegal aliens to Mexico.
Will this be done? No. Why? Politicians are not interested in America or ordinary Americans, but in pleasing the rich who contribute large amounts to their campaign funds. Remember this, a politician is in perpetual re-election mode and is in constant need of funds.
Government is supposed to protect its people from invaders, physical and economic, domestic and foreign. While this government engages in a senseless war in Iraq and tries to democratize the Middle East we are losing our sovereignty as a nation. Pick up your phone and call any company, chances are you will hear a recorded message asking you if you want to hear the options in English or Spanish.
We are not only allowing our throats to be cut, but we are helping the assassin to hold the sword.


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