On Any August: An Anniversary Not To Be Celebrated

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Published on: November 6, 2011

On Any August: An Anniversary Not To Be Celebrated


Henry Barnes

Dead is dead is dead: one or one million. But the then weapons of major mass destruction are children’s popguns when compared to today’s weapons of major mass destruction. ― Book of Common Misery

This month marks the current anniversary of the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For these sixty-four years we have been wrongly told that it saved a million Allied lives, ended the war with Japan and World War II.
Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Mark Levin and all the conservative radio talking heads will honor this month as one of the greatest military feats in American history ― not.
All those who worked making the A-bomb, originally meant for Germany but the war in Europe ended before its utilization, signed a petition urging the president not to use the bomb. Admiral Nimitz sent a radiogram begging the little pip squeak Truman not to use the bomb. General Eisenhower lamented that he hoped our nation was not the one to use that awful weapon. But the little pip squeak, ignorant of the bomb until two weeks after FDR’s death, thought all Japanese were ‘savages.’ He said so in his diary. Even though there was fear among some scientists that the bomb might ignite the upper atmosphere and destroy the whole world, he was determined to kill every man, woman and child who lived on Japan, including Allied POWs.
So, the lie that a million allied troops would die in an invasion of Japan was created. Admiral Nimitz and others knew that it was only a waiting game. The Japanese people, now defenseless, were beginning to starve and their fresh water had been compromised and poisoned by the incessant aerial bombing. By August 1945, over sixty-per-cent of Japanese cities had been partially or totally destroyed.
On August 6, 1945, the Enola Gay, a B-29, dropped Little Boy, a uranium explosion bomb, on Hiroshima. Three days later, Bock’s Car dropped Fat Man, a plutonium implosion bomb, on Nagasaki. A-bombs were given cute names: Little Boy and Fat Man. Sounds more like circus clowns than weapons of major mass destruction.
Little Boy, the first killer clown, was dropped on a Hiroshima school yard killing 70,000 to 80,000 instantly, 70,000 were seriously injured. Blast temperatures were hotter than the surface of the sun, over one million degrees Celsius. Many of the victims were vaporized, their atomic structure dispersed into a cloud of steam. Fat Man, the second killer clown, was dropped on a Nagasaki sports arena killing 74,000 and seriously injuring another 75,000. The death toll would’ve been greater but Nagasaki was surrounded by hills that lessened the concussion
In the years and decades that followed, hundreds-of-thousands would die from radiation poison, genetic diseases and other maladies caused by the two killer clowns ― over 200,000 by 1950. It is estimated that even today, 600 a year continue to die.
Rush Limbaugh, “Let’s do it again.”
What few know is that there was a third A-bomb being prepared to be dropped around August 14-17, depending on the cloud cover. Its destination was downtown Tokyo; estimated kill, 1,000,000. The little pip squeak delayed, but didn’t discount, the dropping of the third killer clown saying, “We have already killed enough kids” ― 40,000. Politicalese for, “I’ve already slaughtered too many children.”
Left out of most history books is what happened on August 14, 1945, after Japan had surrendered. Five star general Henry Harley “Hap” Arnold assembled the largest air raid in history, a total of 1,014 aircraft, sent to bomb downtown Tokyo. Although this was the largest bombing raid, it was not the deadliest. Tokyo had been previously firebombed on the night of March 9, 1945, by low-flying B-29’s with increased bomb loads. Seventeen hundred tons of bombs were dropped in a densely populated area (an average of 103,000 people per square mile) of twelve square miles. Over 100,000 were killed, over 40,000 wounded, over 1,000,000 made homeless, over 267,000 buildings destroyed. It killed more people than the dropping of an atomic bomb.
The Tokyo firebombing raid was followed by larger ones against Nagoya, Osaka, and Kobe, some of Japan’s largest cities. Then Nagoya was hit again. All in all, 1,595 sorties had flown in 10 days, dropping over 9,300 toms of bombs. Japanese cities — large and small — were continually hit with conventional and incendiary bombs through the end of the war.
The bombing of Japanese cities, villages and towns wasn’t war, it was mass murder. Tecumseh Sherman, the ‘father of modern warfare’, was the first to use the killing of civilians as a major part of war in his infamous march to the sea burning every Southern city and town on the way. But how can this act of terrorism be defended every August? It was retribution for Japan having bombed Pearl Harbor, an act that gave Americans the moral authority to believe nothing the U.S. forces could ever do to Japan during the war mattered.
It is clear, through many recent histories, that the wheelchair tyrant was involved in coercing the Japanese into firing the first shot; just as Lincoln coerced the Confederates into firing the first shot on Fort Sumner. For example: read Robert Stinnett’s Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor, which convincingly argues that he had prior knowledge and did provoke Japan into firing the first shot. Or, to make it simple, how did an armada of twenty-eight Japanese warships, three aircraft carriers the size of small villages, manage to traverse 3,200 miles of open ocean and sneak up on anybody? Still, Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor doesn’t justify bombing the civilian population into the Stone Age. It makes no sense that the twin tower attacks on 9/11 are labeled acts of terrorism, while continued bombing raids that destroyed or damaged over sixty per cent of every village, town and city in Japan, a 1000-plane bombing raid on Tokyo after the Japanese had surrendered, coupled with the dropping of two atomic bombs are not?
In the Spring of 1942, the Japanese sued for peace. The wheelchair tyrant, FDR, said, “No.” He wanted unconditional surrender, a fight to the death. What was the stumbling block that led to the American carnage of Iwo Jima and Okinawa and the deaths of over half-a-million Japanese civilians? The Japanese wanted to keep their Emperor as a constitutional monarch like England’s king.
Three events ended the war: The Russians invasion of Manchuria in August of 1945 (the Japanese were afraid the Russians would push to partition their island as they had Germany); Secretaries Jimmy Byrnes and Henry Stimson persuaded the little pip squeak to give the Japanese hope of keeping their Emperor; and Emperor Hirohito recorded his voice, which no commoner had ever heard, and his speech was broadcast throughout Japan begging his subjects to cease resistance or face total annihilation.
There was no need for an Allied invasion. Japan, resource poor, forced to import 97% of her necessities, was dying on the vine. It was impossible for the Japanese to sustain their island nation and only a matter of time before starvation and thirst would have ended the war.
Japan kept her Emperor.


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