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Published on: November 27, 2011


Energy That Has Absolutely NO vaLue


Henry Barnes

Only a fool shoots his horse before he has a better way to pull his wagon. ― Book of Common Misery

A lady brings her new car back to the dealership. She complains that it sputters, runs erratically and often won’t start. The mechanic asks if she has been running her car on E85. The lady, well indoctrinated by the Green Fascists and proud to be a greenie, says she has. He tells her that she has a tank full of water. The lady blames it on her annoying neighbor, says he’s been pouring water in her gas tank.
The mechanic says, “It takes 17,000 gallons of water to make a tank of ethanol. All that water cannot be compressed out. Oil must be blended with the ethanol or it won’t burn in your engine. And it takes over a gallon of coal fired energy to produce 1.3 gallons of ethanol. It lowers your gas mileage and produces more CO2 in the atmosphere than regular gas.”
She shakes her head, “My government wouldn’t do that to me.”
“I’ll have to drain your tank, remove it and clean it. I’ll have to purge your fuel lines. Then put it all back together. It’ll cost you $400.”
“Is this covered by my warranty?”
“Sorry, no.”
“I should sue my neighbor.”
“In eight or nine months, if your gas tank hasn’t rusted out, you’ll be back and I’ll have to do this all over again.”
“I’ll buy a locking gas cap, that’ll fix my neighbor.”
“Yes, mam.”
What the mechanic didn’t tell her is, “It took 500 pounds of corn to produce that tank of gas. Enough corn to feed a family of four for a year. If you think pouring food into your gas tank make sense then keep doing it.”
The E.T.H.A.NO.L. scheme, foisted on the public by congress and Green Fascist lobbyists, is a scam that only a burglar would approve. As an energy source it has no value. It takes more energy to produce E.T.H.A.NO.L. than it yields. And it emits more CO2 than does gasoline. Without government subsidy (the producers’ taxes) E.T.H.A.NO.L. couldn’t be on the market. Every time you buy gas with E.T.H.A.NO.L. in it you are being triple dipped: 1. your taxes paid for it; 2. then you’re forced to buy it; 3. your food bill increases. By the year 2011 all gasoline, by government mandate, will contain at least 10% of E.T.H.A.NO.L.
For over thirty years we’ve heard the Green Nazis screaming that we need alternative fuel. Well and good. First you find a cheap alternate fuel that works. You means test it. You make certain that it’s better than gasoline. You make sure you have a source that will not bring you to starvation as E.T.H.A.NO.L. eventually will. Then you slowly phase out gasoline. However, Congress, which has the worse politicians that money can buy, eliminated the gasoline first while researchers are stumbling in the dark searching for a better energy source.
Big money and campaign contributions.
Screw ‘we the people.’


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