Empire of the Designer Poor

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Published on: October 6, 2011



Henry Barnes

Government steals fish from fishermen, cuts each fish into small pieces and gives a piece to the poor. Not enough to sustain, just enough to keep them down with the robbed fishermen. ― Book of Common Misery

On cue, all over America, they come out on the first of every month. In their designer jeans, their high-dollar sneakers, driving their expensive cars, trucks, even motorcycles. They form long lines at banks, Wal Mart money centers, check cashing businesses, anywhere they can get their government checks cashed. Healthy, strong individuals who, in many cases, represent the third generation of people who have never earned a paycheck.
But don’t snub this sea of designer poor; they are your masters. They are the reason why producers receive less and less of their hard earned money ― I hate the term taxpayer(s), it denotes willfulness and there is nothing willful about being robbed. They are the reason why both husband and wife must work outside the home. Not only to take care of their family, but, by government force, to take care of illegal aliens, thugs, the faux-disabled, bums, those who refuse to work and those who contribute nothing to society.
How did the nonproducers become the rulers? How did this rabble of designer poor build their empire?
In 1932, president FDR, through his failed economic policies, turned an economic recession into a global economic depression that lasted over sixteen years. During this calamity he turned the ship of state toward socialism. He understood that if he could buy votes he could stay in power and empower his party, the Democrats, for the future.
FDR’s ploy worked.
The Democratic Party controlled congress for the next sixty-two years. During this time they wasted more and more of the producers’ money crying, “We must help the poor” ― translation: we want to stay in power by buying votes from the poor. They created more and more programs to make more and more people dependent on government. The Empire of the Designer Poor was created; and the producers, like surfs from kingdoms of old, became tax slaves to pay for this Empire.
When the Republicans regained control of all three branches of government in 2000, they had learned from the Democrats, but not well. Now, the two parties became as one with Bush the Younger spending the producers’ money faster than a drunken sailor on Cinderella liberty; and greasing the skids for Obama’s Socialism. The Republicans stayed in power only twelve years; less time than FDR was in office.
How long can this last?
Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in Memoir of Pauperism, 1830: I am deeply convinced that any permanent, regular administrative system whose aim will be to provide for the needs of the poor will breed more miseries than it can cure…and will culminate by bringing about a violent revolution…when the number of those who receive alms [handouts] will have become as large as those who give it…
Over 53% of people in America get most or part of their income from the federal government.
We’re already here.


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