Ban Black, Brown and White Trash: NOT GUNS

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Published on: October 31, 2011



Henry Barnes

The government makes the simple complex, undoable and unobtainable, while erasing all traces of common sense. ― Book of Common Misery

An Interstate highway runs through my neighborhood. Every eight months or so, a large flat bed truck will accidentally drop a forty ton roll of steel on the road. This causes major damage to concrete guard rails and the roadbed. Fortunately, to date, no one has been hurt. What did the local government do about this problem? Did it fine the trucking companies involved? Did it increase inspection of the tie-downs holding back these monster loads? Did it ban the trucking companies with the highest incident of accidents?
It reduced the speed limit and doubled traffic fines. Did this fix the problem? Of course not. What it did do was waste time for commuters, waste expensive gas, congest the Interstate and increase those involuntary taxes known as traffic tickets.
What does this have to do with guns, you ask?
Ninety-nine per cent of all violent crimes are committed by black, brown and white trash. The other one percent are crimes of passion. Crimes of passion make interesting stories but don’t affect the population as a whole. But black, brown and white trash crimes have made prisoners of us all.
What does the government do about it? Does it make tougher laws to corral the trash that commits these crimes? Does it support the police and make it easier to arrest this trash? Does it bring tougher sentencing? Does it do anything to remove this trash from our neighborhoods?
It bans guns.
It creates tougher laws on those who have no protection. It blocks the police force that has been duly sworn to protect them. When a police offer goes on duty their first thought is not, will I be killed today? Their first thought is, will I be sued today? By saying the wrong thing to a scumbag they can lose their job, pension and go to jail. Ramos and Compean are border patrol agents doing twelve years hard time for doing their job, allegedly wounding a repeat drug smuggler.
Go out at night. No way. Go downtown at night to a movie. No way. Streets are deserted. People are behind bars in their own homes. Behind bars they were forced to install to keep out the black, brown and white trash.
I asked a returning Iraqi War Marine, “How safe is it in Baghdad?”
He responded, “Much safer than it is in most cities in America.”
Since the Iraq War began in 2003, over 83 thousand Americans have been murdered by black, brown and white trash, or, roughly, 16 thousand a year. In Iraq, 4 thousand have been murdered or less than a thousand per year.
The Marine is right.
What country has the highest murder rate?
If you answered, America, you’d be wrong. The prize goes to Russia who has a murder rate over three times ours. So? In Russia it’s illegal for a private citizen to own a gun. Russia has the most restrictive gun laws on the planet. Why aren’t they free of murder?
For the same reason we have high murder rates. Only Black, Brown and White trash have guns. Simple.


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