Ashamed American

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Published on: October 18, 2011

Ashamed American


Henry Barnes

On September 16, 2001, five days after the 9/11 terrorists’ attack, our first grandchild, Abbi, was born. When her mother, our daughter, was born, 29 years ago, it was forbidden to allow anyone near the new born, including the father. Now, fifteen minutes after the delivery, it is like a Stephen Spielberg production. At least fifteen people, friends and relatives, are gathered around the bed with lights, cameras and camcorders. They are taking turns holding Abbi. Our children had been four days old, home from the hospital, before I could hold them.
When my turn came I marveled at how strong she was, her back stiff, her tiny hand gripping my finger and pulling up. Her radiant blue eyes, clear, innocent and filled with that deep potential only possessed by a new life, looked around the room at her strange new world. Looked, with steady eyes that did not, like most newborn’s, ramble.
My profound joy was diluted by my sadness. I tried to block it from my thoughts but could not. Abbi will never know the America I grew up in. An America I was once proud of but am now ashamed.
Abbi will never be able to walk the streets, day or night, without accompaniment. In the small suburb where we live there are at least five sexual predators allowed to roam free. We receive police flyers telling us who they are, where they live and why they were imprisoned. What good does this do?
If Abbi goes to a public school she will receive one of the worst educations in the Western world. She will be exposed, not to reading, writing and arithmetic, but to sex, drugs, obscene language, violence, a lack of discipline, and indifference by government teachers.
She will not be allowed to bring her Bible to school, but she can bring pornography, condoms, sex toys, and other assorted filth. Void of learning, she will be indoctrinated in sexology according to a pedophile name Kinsey. She will be taught that abortion is not only okay but a woman’s right. She will not be able to pray or say the pledge to allegiance. But she will learn that filthy obscene language is okay because it’s free speech.
By the time she is 10 she will have seen thousands of murders and sex scenes on TV.
She will learn that people who commit murder will live to a ripe old age on death row supported by tax dollars and protected by do-gooders. Yet, on a whim, the cream of American youth can, and will, be sacrificed in needless wars.
By the time she is 18 the face of America will look more like a third world country than a once powerful, proud nation.
By then America will be bilingual.
By then America will be governed by a one world order, her sovereignty gone.
Her church will be either under attack or destroyed and the major religion will not be Christian or Jewish but Islamic. The rogue element of this religion will dominate the more passive religions and the more moderates of its own religion. As it only takes one rotten apple to ruin a whole barrel of apples, it only takes a handful of unchallenged psychopaths to destroy a religion, a nation, or the entire world. This has been proven time and again throughout world history. The Nazis, which represented a small minority, took over a democratic, Christian nation and turned it into a monster that almost ate the world.
Her faith in God will either be outlawed or mocked.
Diseases brought in from illegals streaming across our borders will kill thousands if not millions and plagues will become common, almost daily, news.
The greatest medical system on earth will be bankrupt and inefficient.
Our economy will be bankrupt.
Jobs will be scarce.
The Southwestern and Southeastern part of America will be a backwash of Mexico. The Mid-West will be dominated by radical Muslims who will be at war not only among themselves but with what is left of America to see who can take the spoils. The Eastern and Northeastern parts of the US will become an armed enclave trying to keep invaders out.
Rusting cars will litter the broken Interstate highways, abandoned because the owners’ couldn’t find or afford gas.
Green Fascists will have won, the country given back to weeds, people living off the land, in caves or wherever they can find shelter.
Armed bands of militants, gangs, and other thug groups will roam freely.
Large cities and the infrastructure of highways, bridges, electric, gas, maintenance will be in advance decay. Slums, even in the once ritzy areas, will become the norm.
Rural areas, with a capacity to maintain the food and shelter necessary for survival, will be at the mercy of pirates, thugs, thieves and those who seek to feed off the productivity of others.
After generations of non-productivity the massive welfare state, no longer able to feed off the producers, will turn to even more violence and criminal activity.
The Leftist, who, with the help of politicians and the media, brought about this destruction, will be the first to go. Without the backing of corrupt politicians they no longer have power and become no more than empty rhetoric in the streets. These useful idiots will have outlived their usefulness.
Utilities, once taken for granted, will seldom work.
The world’s greatest distribution system will no longer function and goods rot on loading docks.
For those who can still receive TV, pornography will be on all the channels and live sex shows will be the norm.
Those with what few jobs remain will be so over taxed and overburdened by high prices for staples that they live in constant fear and hunger. The world will be in a far greater economic depression than the Great Depression of the 1930s. A Greater Depression.
Countries will war with each other, especially Russia and China, to see who gets the country that once was America. For a time, both Russia and China will keep each other at bay with their nuclear arms but eventually China, faced with a gigantic starving population, will bet it all against total destruction. France, England, and most of Europe will be plunged into a war without end. India and Pakistan will destroy each other in a nuclear holocaust. The Middle-East will be a bloodbath of constant civil wars, nation against nation, tribe against tribe, religious leader against religious leader. Israel will be wiped from the earth. Africa will continue to war within itself. South America will be ruled by corrupt dictators who war with each other. Canada will collapse and be controlled by the Muslims that rule the Mid-Western U.S.
By age 25 Abbi will look 70, like her counterpart in other third world countries.
A military weakened by years of policing the world and fighting wars that have no gain will be unable to defend itself. Dumbed down by generations of a failed education system there will be no one to repair and maintain the tools of defense. With the collapse of America the world will plunge into its second Dark Age.
Think the above is a scenario out of sci-fi? Think it is just another doom and gloom scenario without a gram of fact? Think again. America has often been compared to the Roman Empire. In her day Rome was the super-power of the world. She was the hub of commerce, culture, finance, intellect, science, religion, inventions and all the other things that make a civilization great. She, like Greece before her, was not conquered from without but from within. She, like America, allowed the barbarians at the gates to enter. She, like America, turned her back on morality, spirituality, education, the nuclear family, and all things that inwardly make a civilization great. She turned toward immorality, sexual pleasure of both sexes, weakened its armies, dumbed down its educational system, destroyed the nuclear family, worshipped the pornographic, and gave importance to lust at the sake of love.
Sound familiar?
If Rome had had TV its decline would have been much swifter.
After Rome fell, imploded in on itself, the world was plunged into the first Dark Age, a time that would last for almost two thousand years. Italy and the renaissance brought a rebirth of art, science, engineering, and so on. However, this rebirth only put the world back to square one because it had already lost so much.
When western civilization collapses it will be plunged not only into the second Dark Age, but an intellectual, cultural, scientific, educational, spiritual black hole that Humankind will never emerge from.
How did we get from the greatest generation of WWII, the generation that conquered the Great Depression, Nazis and Imperial Japan, to the porn generation that believes “if it feels good do it,” in sixty years? Were we all asleep during this time period? Did we do nothing while the Leftists, piece by piece, destroyed our country? As Pogo said, “We have seen the enemy and he is us.”


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