Ancient Rome Arrives At The G-20 Summit

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Published on: October 29, 2011

Ancient Rome Arrives at the G-20 Summit


Henry Barnes

He who is ignorant of History is condemned to relive it without knowing why – Book of Common Misery

Freemen in Ancient Rome sold themselves into slavery to escape the stress of working themselves to death paying ever increasing taxes. It became such a problem that the Roman Senate passed a law forcing freemen to remain free. Americans do not have this option, they must continue to work themselves to death paying taxes ― and after death their estate, if they have one, is forced to pay taxes on what was left behind. Not only must they keep-up their family but millions of parasites that contribute nothing to the good of the nation; the empire of the designer poor.
Three paths led the Roman Empire to self-destruction: warfare (at any given time in its history it was at war with somebody), welfare (what the Romans called ‘bread and circuses’) and illegal aliens (called barbarians). When the Roman Empire collapsed it was over 1500 years before Humankind begin to emerge from darkness. When America, the world’s greatest hope, collapses, and it’s already on a Second Hussein rocket sled to oblivion, a darkness will descend on Humankind that has not been witnessed since the Great Flood of Noah’s time.
This week, twenty of the world’s leaders, seven representing the richest nation’s and thirteen from developing nations ― although it is becoming difficult to tell them apart ― came together as quacksperts to divide up the world’s economic pie. A pie served by America’s producers. A pie brought by a Communist-American president of doubtful country of origin; a usurper who has the intent of destroying the greatest country ever created and taking the world with it. For if we descend into another economic depression it will be a Greater Depression, making the first one a jovial picnic.
The title of this coming together of quacksperts was the April 2009 G-20 Summit. A gathering of the very crooks that created the problem. A gathering of the world’s top failed socialists and one American-Communist, president Second Hussein. In twenty-four hours the quacksperts determined to spend another trillion dollars to solve world poverty and boost the wealth of nations. The worldwide economic recession has already destroyed over $50T; so $1T is like putting a band aid on a cancer patient.
This money will go into the IMF (International Monetary Fund) which has been wasting money for over 50 years. P.T. Bauer, an economist who spent his career examining foreign aid projects, determined that they were a lost cause from the get-go. The money goes to war lords, tribal chiefs, tin pot dictators with very little trickling down to the needy. It wasn’t disclosed who was ponying up the most money but anyone with an IQ above a melting ice cube knows that the bulk will come from more robbery of the American producers.
The quacksperts’ conclusion was based on a failed assumption: the cure of the current economic crisis is determined by Western producers transferring a $T to dictators who control various banana republics. Quacksperts that, through press releases laced with the poisons of misinformation, spin and lies, will guarantee they will not create: mass inflation or a Greater Depression lasting years.
Of course, this is exactly what they will create.
There will be no published plans of any value because these quackspert pols are clueless. It’s but a giant photo-op, a con game of the highest sort, another extortion tactic that would make even that great extortionist Jesse Hymietown Jackson or any Mafia thug blush with shame.
There is no enforcement-oversight agency to control these uncontrolled quacksperts.
There is zero agreement by central bankers.
Not a hint of what will correct the Second Hussein rocket sled to hell.
Only smiles, hugs and kisses. The quacksperts issued a useless document billed as a ‘Leader’s Statement,’ an eight page paper that was agreed upon before the meeting convened. Nothing of substance was in the quacksperts’ paper. It promoted the falsehood that governments need to strengthen global financial institutions ― translation: keep the printing presses hot printing more fiat (a fancy word for bogus) money. It finishes with concerns about emerging markets:
Emerging markets and developing countries, which
have been the engine of recent world growth, are also now
facing challenges which are adding to the current downturn
in the global economy. It is imperative for global confidence
and economic recovery that capital continues to flow to them.
This will require a substantial strengthening of the international
financial institutions, particularly the IMF.

These quacksperts are trapped by the once almighty dollar, too stupid or devious to tell their voters that it is impossible for their nations to get wealthy from exporting to America. Their bankers must create fiat money in order to purchase more and more dollars that are declining in value. Modern mercantilism says that tax money lent will never be paid by the American government in full value but only in declining value. The bottomline is not prosperity but bankruptcy.
Like cheats at a poker game, the G-20 nations cannot come to an agreement. To do so would be to admit that the quacksperts are empty suits. Two weeks ago, in Hosham, England, the quacksperts reached a zero conclusion.
The Telegraph reported:
For all this rather predictable grand verbiage, however
there was a profound sense as the G-20 finance ministers
departed for their respective corners of the globe that
the thing was, at heart, a disappointment.

The only added ingredient in this G-20 Summit is the infusion of an American Trillion brought over in a violin case by our Communist president, Second Hussein. His being the biggest smile as he wastes more of the American producers’ money, while spreading ever more manure around.
The international banking system is tumbling down. We are facing: housing foreclosure, auto industry bankruptcy, insurance scandals, impossible national deficits that not even our great-great-great grandchildren will be able to pay, collapsing trade, dependence on foreign oil and monetary inflation. And these quacksperts offer no program for reform. They, like an arsonist pouring gasoline on a roaring forest fire, know only one way to solve any problem: throw more and more, and yet again more, of the producers’ hard earned money at it. They are ignorant of plans that will increase profits, increase trade, increase output, boost manufacturing, lower governmental waste, lower costs, or stabilize the money supplies of each nation.
But the quacksperts will return to their respective corners of the world, wide-grinning-glad-handing their local constituents beaming, “All’s well,” in each of their prospective language.
Yes, Ancient Rome came to the G-20 Summit. In its day it was the New World Order: all roads led to Rome. It, too, assumed it held the power of economic resolutions to all its problems. It took Rome 300 years to devalue its currency to the worthless level that the US currency has sunk to in just two months of Second Hussein’s administration. If the current budget is passed, Second Hussein will be spending more money than all previous presidents, going back to George Washington, have spent combined.
Yes, the ghosts of Rome linger over the April 2009 G-20 Summit, as well as America. They are shaking their collective ghostly heads amazed that another great nation is marching down the same treacherous path to Hades. Marching in double-time toward our own destruction: economically, culturally, spiritually and morally.
As Einstein wisely wrote: The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.


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