Liar, Liar Country Is On Fire!

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Published on: September 29, 2011

Liar, Liar, Country Is on Fire!


Henry Barnes

Second Hussein (Obama) is not fiddling while Rainbowlsand (then-America) burns, he’s pouring on gasoline and striking matches. ―Book of Common Misery

The Second Hussein Administration is lying faster than a pitchman selling damaged goods. Second Hussein promised transparency in government and we got it; like never before we can see that all the crooks live in glass houses. Henry de Witt created the corrupt Chicago machine; Abraham Lincoln was his top protégé; Second Hussein is his descendant.
You who read my articles know that I’m ahead of the curve. You want yesterday’s news listen to the talking heads of conservative talk radio. If you want to stay behind read others, those who are beginning to copy me, my toons, my ideas.
Nine months ago, on the day Second Hussein was elected president, I warned of his coming Nazi tactics in a piece titled, It Can’t Happen Here. Now, nine months later, Rush and others are calling this administration Nazi-like (“If they bring a knife, we bring a gun,” your president. There are websites created by this administration for the purpose of neighbor spying on neighbor.) I warned you of the coming healthcare crisis and what it really means in an article titled, It’s Not About Healthcare, Stupid. None other than the venerable Dr. Thomas Sowell has begun writing about the healthcare deception. In a five part series I warned you that Second Hussein is a Muslim, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Semite, Communist, racist. Others, more powerful, more famous than I, are beginning to catch on. All they had to do was read Second Hussein’s two memoirs, both written by Bill Ayers, aided by Toni Morrison, to understand what he is about. Now, they scream that they were deceived, that Second Hussein presented one face on the campaign trail and another once elected: welcome to gutter politics. Now, they are whining that Second Hussein is trying to create a dictatorship, calling him a Socialist, a Communist. You read it here first.
Why go into current lies? The talking conservative radio heads will do that. Others on the Net and newspapers will tell you what has become old news before it’s typed out on their keyboards. What you want from me is what will happen, not tomorrow, or next Wednesday, but in the future. Where are we headed? I wrote about this over fifteen years ago, hoping that it would not come true although all the signs were there ― I was the only one to call Bush the Younger a Leftist in Conservative drag. Do I possess some kind of Nostradamus occult power? No. Do I have some kind of psychic insight? No. I’m simply a student of history; all, except blowing up the entire world (and some archeologists believe this may have occurred), has happened before and will repeat itself: the game remains the same, only the faces change. Once you lose sight of the ball, you lose.
In order to know what Second Hussein will do and where we are headed as a country all I have to do is study Hitler or any other dictator. I choose Hitler, a petty evil man when compared to Stalin or Mao, because the name is familiar to all.
“Tell a big lie often enough and it becomes accepted as the truth,” Hitler, a strong believer in propaganda, wrote and Goebbels ran with it. Through propaganda aided by bad economic times created by the wheelchair tyrant, Hitler was able to destroy a Christian, Democratic, highly intellectual and technologically advance nation.
What Hitler did, Second Hussein will do.
• The protestors will be stopped. It will come from an incident created by the Left but blamed on the Right.
• More and more companies will be nationalized.
• More banks will fail.
• More and more worthless money will be printed causing, first inflation and then hyperinflation. It will take a wheelbarrow full of hundred dollar bills to buy a loaf of bread, if you can find any.
• Black Markets for staples, bread, flour, salt, fruits, vegetables, meats, gasoline, even water, will flourish. It will become impossible for ordinary Americans to afford food; and illegal for them to grow their own.
• Distribution of goods to stores will break down. The average supermarket carries over 60,000 items. These items don’t appear by magic. Wal-Mart, the most successful business in world history will be unionized and marginalized; finally, destroyed.
• Unions will rule.
• The Internet will be turned into a propaganda arm of the government. All anti-government information will be censored.
• Utilities, especially power, will become astronomical in cost. At the time of the Great Depression, America was largely agrarian and not dependant on electricity. Now, everything is dependent on electricity. Lengthy brown outs and black outs will become common.
• Public schools will become worse sewers than they already are. Perversity is diversity will rule.
• Riots will become common.
• Looters will pray upon the weak.
• Law and order will break down.
• The twenty-second amendment to the US Constitution will be repealed making Second Hussein dictator. There will be many suggestions as to what to call him: President for life; Premier; King; Minister, etc.
• Being a Muslim, Second Hussein will declare Islam the national religion. All other religions will be subservient.
• Spying will include citizens ratting out each other, their family members and friends. Green Shirts, Second Hussein’s version of Hitler’s brown shirts, will dictate, based on make believe environmental concerns, what each citizen can and cannot do.
• All guns will be outlawed so that only the thugs, looters and vandals will have guns.
• Euthanasia clinics will kill the old, sick and lame.
• Abortions will increase and DNA testing will weed out those deemed unfit by the government.
• Those who oppose Second Hussein, in word or deed, will be imprisoned or executed. According to the Book of Common Misery: all dictators are narcissistic and paranoid; they believe themself to be a god and are paranoid from a fear of losing power.
• Black, brown and white trash will roam the nation in search of victims. They will be used, as they are used now, to keep ordinary citizens in constant fear. Already, in many cities in America, honest citizens must hide behind the bars of their own homes while thugs roam free. This will escalate a thousand fold.
• Illegal aliens, given blanket amnesty, will flood the country bringing poverty, diseases, drugs, crime and stealing what few jobs remain.
• Unemployment will rise as never before.
• The Empire of the Designer Poor will rebel, as predicted by Tocqueville, 1830: “…the number of those who receive alms [welfare] will have become as large as those who give it, and the indigent, no longer being able to take from the impoverished rich [middle class] the means of providing for his needs, will find it easier to plunder them of all their property at one stroke…”
• Since government will have a monopoly over all production the private sector economy as we know it will cease to exist. No one can compete with the deep pockets of the government.
• All the above and more will be done to ‘help the poor’ and ‘save America.’ (Anyone wanting to know the ultimate in this kind of disaster read about Mao’s Great Leap forward in Hungry Ghosts by Jasper Becker. If you can read the part where parents began eating their own children to keep from starving to death and not weep then you are stronger than I am.)

This is but a short list; the real list would take too long, but you get the picture. When the going gets rough, Rush the optimist will board his Gulfstream jet and leave the country. Of course, by then, there will be nowhere to go.
When Ancient Rome fell the world was plunged into the dark ages for 1500 years. When America breathes her last the world will be plunged into a prolonged darkness of, according to the Book of Revelation, 2500 years.
But all the conservative radio talking heads can say is, “Get out the vote in 2010.” And vote for whom? It took 300 years for Rome to collapse. It’s taken half that long for America to go into her death throes ― it began with America’s version of Adolph Hitler: Abraham Lincoln. The Founding Fathers made a few gigantic mistakes: not putting restraints on the office of the president and, like the parliamentary system, have a quick way of ousting him; not having term limits on all elected government officials; and the creation of the Supreme Court which has evolved into the court of kings and queens, the type of monarchy the Founding Fathers fled.
It’s time for the Second American Revolution, the same kind of revolution that removed us from the tyranny of our first king, before our second king destroys it all. T. Jefferson gave us the right: “That whenever any form of government shall become destructive of these ends [the individual’s freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness], it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it.”
Alteration has not worked, time to abolish.


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