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Published on: September 29, 2011



Henry Barnes

Hollywood is a collection of over paid people living in virtual reality.
― Book of Common Misery

I was watching a TV piece about actor Larry Hagman, best known for his part of J. R. Ewing on the sitcom Dallas. Mr. Hagman decided to go green. It was expensive to heat and cool his 23,000 sq. ft. mansion with underground heated swimming pool. He had a football field size grid of solar panels installed to take care of all his electric needs.
Let’s do the math and get a laugh.
Mr. Hagman’s annual power bill is $37,000. The solar panels cost $750,000. Producers’ (taxpayers’) money reimbursed Mr. Hagman $300,000.
Mr. Hagman said his power bill had been reduced to, “Thirteen dollars.”
No, Larry, after the forced generosity of the producers, your bill was $450, 000. Dividing $37,000 into $450,000 means it will take 12 years to break even. If he financed, it will take even longer. A solar panel requires general maintenance every six months, major maintenance after ten years and replacement at twenty years.
None of this was mentioned.
And none of it’s mentioned when you see or read any article about going green. The electric car ads say: our car gets 200 miles per charge. Car costs 40―100 thousand dollars. The power to recharge the batteries comes from a power plant. A single electric battery can cost as much as $5,000 to replace. Most electric cars hold six batteries; do the math. Imagine, if you will, 200 million cars trying to recharge at the same time. The electric power grid would meltdown, followed by massive blackouts.
Also not mentioned is the danger of these circus clown size cars. Already they kill over 2,600 people a year and they represent less than one-half-of-one per cent of cars on the road. Imagine the carnage if there were millions of these teensy weensy death traps rolling down the expressway.
What about a hydrogen powered car? It’s a mini-Hiroshima waiting to happen. Hydrogen is easy to make from household chemicals mixed in a glass soda bottle. Strike a match at the bottle’s opening, it makes a flash and miniature explosion. Imagine a leak in one of the fuel lines in your Hiroshima toy car; a single spark and BOOM.
Wind power is extremely expensive, dangerous and impractical. If you built wind farms all over America you couldn’t produce enough power to light New York City. The average person can barely afford yesterday’s technology and it’s getting more and more expensive ― my power company just raised the rates, again.
But the Green Nazis (environmentalist) won’t tell you this. Like Mr. Hagman, they pretend that all you do is hook up and save. Free power. Yeah, right.
If the Hollywood brigade of the Green Nazis had stayed out of the way we would have cheap nuclear energy and gasoline would be seventy-five cents a gallon. But they, the Main Scare Media and politicians, have pushed the Green Nazi agenda to the point where it will soon be difficult to buy food.
What is the answer to our energy needs? Simple. Drill more oil wells, build more refineries and build nuclear power plants. Become energy self-sufficient. It will also help dry up the petro-dollars that goes to fund terrorists.
Once we do this, use what works, then, and only then, can we afford to search for alternate energy sources that work. But the Green Nazis want us to shoot our only horse before we have a replacement.


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